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Affiliate with Bangkok Thailand Hotels

In order to have your property listed on our site, or if you simply want to become our affiliate, you just need to send on our e-mail address a couple photos with the rooms inside your property, the facilities list and any other information you consider is relevant for us to list your offer. If we find out that we need more information from you, you will be reached by us either via phone, or via e-mail.

Please ensure to include the name and address of your property and consider including your best photos taken – better presentation means more clients for you, which leads to higher incomes.

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Organizing Private Events

For the private events section, we will ask you to provide us the required details, so than we can reserve your desired room and prepare for the party or meeting. Even though a phone or form request is possible, we advise you to contact us personally when it comes to organizing big events, as for the fact that we want you to fully enjoy it and minor details could be misspoken.

In order to stay in touch with your needs, we keep our Call Service Center opened 24/7, so that you can inform yourself at any time about your reservations and bookings.

Also, you can write us at the FAQ section about your problems regarding a specific offer or destination, and we will respond you as soon as possible.