About Us

We, Bangkok-Thailand-Hotels.com, are a sector of Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), the world leader in hotel reservations and meetings planned. Daily, more than 1.200.000 hotel nights are booked and our customer are very satisfied about their conditions and treatment.

Established in 2008, Bangkok Thailand Hotels guarantees the best prices for booking and type of property, ranking from small family hotels, exclusive apartments and suites to luxurious 5 star hotels. Being a truly international website, www.Bangkok-thailand-hotels.com is available in over 40 languages and offers over 1.100.369 active properties in 206 countries and territories.

Care Group

In order to grant you a safe and peaceful environment for your travel, we organized the Bangkok Hotels Care Group through which we participate at caring cities, beaches, mountains and all our destinations actions. All these for you to enjoy the best possible travel experience.

By Bangkok Hotel Cares we join partners in projects around the world – foundations, NGOs, universities and city councils – with the sole purpose of improving the environment characteristics. Along with our accommodation affiliates, our goal is to create sustainable destinations for sustainable tourism.

Presented below are some of our favorite projects:

Colombo, SRI LANKA

We worked together to help preserve endangered turtles in Sri Lanka. Among a partner organization, we helped monitoring the turtle’s activity and also we worked hard in order to increase the local public awareness of reducing poach that threatens the existence of these beautiful animals.

Copenhagen, DENMARK

In this city we promoted the Gadens Stemmer project that aims to create jobs for socially vulnerable people, such as former homeless people who now give guided tours. The organization offers these guides the opportunity to maintain and put in contact with tourists worldwide and to interact with them in a unique way that transcends social barriers.

Amsterdam, HOLLAND

We encouraged people in that area to volunteer for one day to clean and maintain the natural balance or those beautiful parks around. The Vondelpark and Amstelpark attract each year tourists from all over the world for their beauty and uniqueness.

Together we can influence the world! This is what we accomplished so far – and we started on this road for no time:

  • 140 destination
  • 510 projects completed
  • 472 employees
  • 092 worked hours

Our site and mobile app attract visitors and businesses in the tourism sector worldwide. Through it you can book yourself a hotel room in various cities around the world and you can be part of our special groups, designed in order to increase the tourism quality worldwide.

Join us and become a member of our special community. With the help of Bangkok Thailand Care Group we can save our planet and we can help improving the quality of life in each city around the globe.