Due to the technological advancements and improvements, it has brought about the invention of engines and automobiles that have the capability to withstand extreme road and weather conditions. Unlike a few years ago, automobiles now have more efficient engines that are stronger and consume less energy. However, frequent maintenance services must be carried out to ensure that the engines are in a proper and effective working condition. One of the vital engine parts that are changed during such maintenance operations is the oil filter. To ensure the maximum utilization and endurance of your engine, endeavor to use the best oil filters and other superior and authentic parts.

Why Use High-Grade Filters on Your Engine?

Gradually, the internal combustion engine in your automobile will definitely attract some waste products such as dirt and water. Such oil contaminants can cause damage to the numerous engine parts, if not removed early enough. If you use the best oil filters on your autos parts, it can help remove such pollutants from the engine oil and keep it in good working condition for a longer period.

However, proper and regular maintenance operation needs to be carried out on the engine as well as on the hydraulic systems in your automobiles. They are valuable and expensive parts of equipment that need to be properly maintained. Some of the benefits of using the best oil filters are to enhance the performance, to make the engine more efficient and increase the lifespan.

The Different Types of Engine Oil Filter

– Synthetic filter membranes – This kind of membrane is suitable for removing up to 50 percent of the oil contaminants that have a size ranging from 20-40 microns. Endeavour to replace this kind of filter membrane after about 6,000 miles.

– Cellulose filter membranes – This kind of Filter membrane has the capability to remove impurities that have a size ranging from 8-10 microns. Endeavour to replace them after about 3,000 miles.

– Micro-glass filter membranes – The fibers used to design this kind of membranes have superior quality than those utilized in a cellulose membrane. Due to this, micro glass membrane filters are considered as one of the best in the industry. Some of their advantages are durability and can last up to five years. However, endeavor to replace them after about 10,000 miles.