League of Legends is a fun MOBA game that you can play against other people online. League of Legends is also abbreviated as LOL In this game, you get to choose a champion and then play against other people’s champions. Normally, you could create an account on LOL for free. But there is actually an option that you can try out. You could purchase an account for LOL. And there are actually a few good reasons why buying an unranked account for LOL is a good idea.

Lots of people are doing it

A lot of the high ranking players in League of Legends have got smurf accounts that they play on. Those higher ranking players on LOL do this so that they can play against players who normally would not be matched against them. If so many other players are doing it, you should do the same as well. Buying an unranked account on LOL is not cheating. This is because you are not actually cheating in-game. You are simply using your superior skills to win.

Let’s you play in lower ranks.

If you find it challenging to play at a higher rank or ELO level, then why not just purchase an account for League of Legends? If you buy an account with no ranking, it would allow you to play in lower ranked games. And this is actually a good thing. This is because you can have way more fun in the game the more that you are beating other players. You can win more games if you are playing against all of those lower ranked players. This is not something that you would be able to do in your high ranked main account. If you want to get more victories in League of Legends, then you have got to buy a lower ranked account.

LOL accounts are cheap

You can actually buy unranked LOL accounts for a really small amount of money. This means that it is very affordable to buy a smurf account on League of Legends if you want to. There are a lot of unranked accounts on LOL; this makes it really cheap to buy them. The affordability of League of Legends accounts makes them a really popular purchase. You would not have to spend a lot of money in order to get more accounts on LOL. You would not even have to wait a long time because these cheap accounts can be bought really quickly.

So as you can quite clearly read from this article, there are a lot of compelling reasons why you have got to purchase more accounts for League of Legends. If you play a lot of the game, then you are certainly going to get a lot of use out of the extra accounts that you have. This would mean that if you want to start over again in the game, then you can just purchase a level 30 but an unranked account on LOL. It would allow you to participate in lower ELO games and completely dominate the other players.