Do you smoke a lot of weed? If so then you definitely have got to crush your herbs before you smoke them. Grinding your marijuana can make it easier to roll up into blunts and also make it easier to smoke as well since it becomes a much smoother experience. And you can use a weed grinder in order to finely ground your marijuana. There are actually a lot of weed grinders that you can buy on the internet, so it should not be too hard to shop for one at a great price. But before you do go start looking for cheap cool grinders for marijuana you have got to know about a few things about them first.

Design of the grinder

If you own a weed grinder, then you would want it to look cool. So when you are shopping for one you had better take a close look at its design. The design of the weed grinder has got to look appealing for both you and anyone that you know. A weed grinder can come in a lot of different colors and patterns. So you may want to look carefully through different designs, until you find something that you actually like.

Size of the grinder

When you smoke a lot of marijuana, you would also need to buy a bigger sized weed grinder as well. So choose the right size of weed grinder based on how much herbs that you are actually going to smoke. The bigger the weed grinder is, then the easier it is for you to crush and grind a lot of marijuana. So if you have got a bigger sized weed grinder then it would be easier for you to have more weed that you can smoke or roll up into joints.

Ease of use

It is also crucial that you look for a weed grinder that is easy to use. It must not be difficult to turn or move since you are going to operate the grinding motion by hand. The ease of use of the weed grinder can directly affect how fast you grind the weed as well.

Ease of cleaning

You will need to clean your weed grinder regularly. So you had better make sure that the one that you buy is easy to clean. The bits of marijuana that get stuck to it must be easy to wipe off. So it is a good idea to choose a weed grinder that could possibly be used in your dishwasher.

These are some of the things that you have got to look for when you are shopping for a weed grinder. If you consider yourself someone who smokes a lot of weed, then you definitely have to search for a grinder carefully. When you have used a grinder at least once, you would always want to crush your herbs before you smoke them. And when that happens you should get a grinder that is easy to use all of the time. So be sure to check all of these things before you buy a marijuana grinder.