Have you ever thought about redesigning your bedroom? Do you think of yourself as a fan of classic Hollywood figures, such as Marilyn Monroe? If you said yes to both of those things; then this article can really help you out with your design project. Through the use these bedroom design tips and suggestions, it would allow you to create a totally cool and fabulous looking place to sleep in. And all of these tips can help you invoke the feel of Marilyn Monroe, so you will feel closer to your idol. After all, a lot of people are fans of Marilyn Monroe and want to emulate her look and aesthetic.

Use graphic bedding sheets

It may be a good idea to cover your mattress with a graphic sheet, or even use graphically printed pillow cases as well. You can find bed sheets that have Marilyn Monroe printed on them. You can even buy a bed set with matching Marilyn Monroe themed sheets. If you used that in your bedroom, then it would add a modern flair. And at the same time, everyone who enters your bedroom would know that you idolize Marilyn Monroe herself.

Hang posters

Hanging posters of Marilyn Monroe’s old movies in your bedroom is another thing that you can do. This is also rather easy since all you would need to do is to frame the Marilyn Monroe posters.

Design with a Hollywood aesthetic

There is a certain aesthetic that old Hollywood has. And it would help to design your Marilyn Monroe themed room with that kind of aesthetic in mind. You can check out pictures of Marilyn Monroe’s own home, to get a good idea of what kind of design scheme to go for.

Paint in the right colors

There are also certain colors that evoke the feel of Marilyn Monroe. You can choose to paint your room in her favourite colors. Or you could even emulate the colors that you choose based on the iconic outfits that Marilyn Monroe.

Add period typical decor

You can also use decor which was typical of the Hollywood period. Take a look at movie stills of films that Marilyn Monroe starred in. You can pay close attention to the kinds of decor that they used. And that would help you think of what kinds of decor to use in your own bedroom. You can follow those Marilyn Monroe movie set decor and finally come up with a good decoration scheme for your own bedroom.

These are just some of the ideas that you can try out if you are decorating a room to have some kind of Marilyn Monroe theme. You could do this decoration idea for the bedroom of someone that you know who is a big fan of Marilyn Monroe. Otherwise, you could also follow these bedroom design tips when you are decorating your own bedroom as well. If you consider yourself a classic Hollywood fan, then these kinds of bedroom design ideas are something that you should try out. It would help stylish decorate your bedroom with all of the right decors.