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Life is a journey so you must live it well! If you are a born traveler or you just simply want to have a trip in a foreign country, you ended up on the right page. Here, at Bangkok Thailand Hotel, we offer you some very interesting travel packages, all suited up to your needs and budget. Starting from very accessible ones, with accommodation on 2-3 stars hotels, to the most beautiful and a little bit more expensive ones, with housing at top 5 stars hotels with pools and massage sessions included, you can relax and enjoy your trip in the optimum conditions.

Show us that you are a regular user of our service and we will pay you back! By choosing 3 of our offers in 1 year period of time…

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For this position, you will benefit of special offers made exclusively for your needs and you will be the lucky possessor…

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Release the stress and relax in the perfect environment specially created to make you forget about day to day work….

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Choose Your Travel Offer

Maybe you are wondering how you can get in possession of our extraordinaire offers. For this fact, consult the dedicated page from and stay in touch with our latest updates. You can even subscribe to our newsletter and receive weekly mails with our top offers and discounts.

Just forget your day to day work, escape commitments and live the moment!

By choosing to travel with us you will definitely enjoy the finest food and you will spoil your senses with the most beautiful cultures around the world.

Also, once you opt for one of our trip solutions you will benefit of a 20% discount for the next one. Bring up your family friends and travel with us! This offer is exclusively for our new clients and applies within the specified terms.


You can choose to travel where you want and whenever you want, as for the fact that we have permanently offers released. Here are just some of them, in order to make yourself an idea of what them consist:

  • Moscow, RUSSIA
    • – from €50 / night
  • Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM
    • – from €55 / night
  • Warsaw, POLAND
    • – from €80 / night
  • Paris, FRANCE
    • – from €120 / night
  • Shanghai, China
    • – from €150 / night

So what’s your excuse? Live in the moment and enjoy a well organized and prepared trip in every city around the globe. Go to Paris, Montreal, Berlin, Sao Paolo, or even Tokyo! Try out their unique gastronomies and learn about their culture and ways of acting.

Premium Users

Become one of our Premium Users and you can benefit of special offers, free nights and relaxing spa sessions all around the world. Consult the Bangkok Thailand Club page for more details.

Visit the Berlin Wall, or maybe “Christ the Redeemer” statue in Rio de Janeiro! It doesn’t matter what are your desires. We will always be prepared for you and able to make an offer you, just simply, can’t reject.

*Terms and Conditions: Each package is categorized from 1 to 3. When buying one, you will benefit of 20% discount for a second package being in the same category as the first.

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ICV Voucher for SMEs in Thailand

ICV Voucher for SMEs in Thailand

The possibility of sustainable productivity solutions under the ICV Voucher (Innovation and Capability Voucher) with being developed to assist SME to adopt results that bring significant and holistic productivity improvements to their regular operations, this will take full effect from December 1, 2014. Not unless the mobile application and web design you intend to acquire are not a fragment of integrated solutions their purchase will not be supported. SMEs are advised to adopt integrated solutions, packaged to easily enhance their productivity generally.

Requirements to claim ICV

All SMEs either if they are medium enterprises or a small local enterprise, they are eligible to apply for ICV if they satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • A local shareholding of at 30%
  • Operating and registered in Singapore
  • Employment size (group basis) to not exceed 200 employees* or
  • Annual sales (group basis) should not be more than S$100M

This was computed by inspecting all levels up for corporate investors with more than 50% of the total stocks in your business any other succeeding corporate parent, and all levels down in subordinate businesses.

ICV Spring

For SMEs that are interested in implementing simple productivity solution in their operations, each SME can submit their application for only two vouchers to implement results. This results to SMEs applying directly with SPRING Singapore on a reimbursement basis to support their productivity solutions. If their application is approved on submission, the reimbursements will be made to the SMEs directly. It is important that SMEs are aware that the purchases must be made after the indicated items/solution are approved in the submitted application.

ICV Voucher

Listed below are the sustainable cost categories that can be utilized with ICV Voucher:

  • Renovation and Design
  • CRM system
  • HR and Payroll System (Face Recognition, Biometric Fingerprint etc.)
  • Technical Training and Solution
  • Hardware and Equipment

To ensure that you are reimbursed for your approved ICV assignment, the bank account registered for your business need to be a business bank or corporate bank accounts. After approval, the entire ICV process must be completed within 6 months duration.

Tips For Choosing An Aircon Services Contractor For Your Hotel

Tips For Choosing An Aircon Services Contractor For Your Hotel

You tend to desperately look for an air-conditioning unit when the weather gets warm. Aircon services contractors utilize this opportunity to augment their incomes in unethical ways, as we most recently are becoming dependent on air conditioning. I will share with you 3 factors to pay close attention to when you intend on hiring an aircon contractor:

  1. Ensure that the contractor in question cleans your air conditioning unit the right way using the appropriate chemicals. This is very important because there are molds that are detrimental to your health growing in the fan coils of your air conditioner. When your fan coil units are cleaned with a vacuum or brush, the spores tend to leave the fan coil units. It is best you request for the proper cleaning to be used during the cleaning process of your air-conditioning unit as these loosened mold spores tend to be blown into the air for you to breathe into your lungs after cleaning.

  1. It is advised that you require at least 0.5inch drainage pipe be utilized for split unit air conditioning. Just in case your contractor says otherwise, it is advised that you consult another. When your contractor recommends an undersized pipe, there is tendency it will choke in the future. It will further cause the unit to leak after some time, thereby putting you in a position that you regularly need the services of the contractor for servicing.

  1. Carefully go through the services the aircon services contractors’ offer. A trick that is common with the majority of the contractors in the business is their offering of low cos annual servicing contracts, where they just service your air conditioning unit by using brushing and vacuuming method. As mentioned earlier, vacuuming and brushing method are not good enough as the only servicing procedures as they tend to be detrimental to your health. It is advised that you protect yourself from the hands of some contractor with unethical practices. Carefully carry out your research on the internet in order to know the proper way to keep your air conditioner clean.
Tips For Offshore Domain Registration in Bangkok

Tips For Offshore Domain Registration in Bangkok

If you intend to commence an offshore domain registration for your international business, there are recommendations that you should follow among which is the Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLDs). They favorably share some traits:

  • Any organization or individual, using these ccTLDs can register a domain
  • Registrars located in the country the ccTLD is assigned, administer all of these ccTLDs.
  • There no immediate association of the domain names that used these ccTLDs with the country they have ties to. This factor gives you options and flexibility with naming.
  • Transfers and registration for thedomain using one of these ccTLDsis as easy and quick as it is for the common .com domain name.

Colombia (.co)

.Co Internet S.A.S. administers the .co ccTLD, .Co Internet S.A.S is a Colombian company that is situated in Bogota. Due to its similarity to .com, it is found to be attractive. The company ensured that the marketing of .co ccLTD was insistent. You can give it thoughts to using “” rather than “” when you registering your domain.

Montenegro (.me)

doMEn, d.o.o. administers the .me ccTLD, doMEn, d.o.o. is a Montenegrin company based on Podgorica. They also ensured the marketing their ccTLD was aggressive. When it comes to the registration of your domain, you can be creative in the naming. A sample: using “” rather than “”

Belize (.bz)

University Management Ltd. Administer the .bzccLTD, University Management Ltd. is a Belizean company that is situated in Belize City. Globally, University Management Ltd. made efforts to increase the use and the awareness of the .biz ccTLD, because of its frequent comparison to the .biz gTLD.

Why not Switzerland (.ch)

One of the places in the world that is a great spot to plant different internationalization flags is Switzerland; unfortunately, it is not suitable for offshore domain registration. This is because the Swiss ccTLD Switch, registrar do not permit privacy for domains. It is best that you are aware that if your domain is .ch registered, your personal information will available to the public.

Corporate Gift Giving – Get The Perfect Gift For Your Hotel Customers

Corporate Gift Giving – Get The Perfect Gift For Your Hotel Customers

Giving corporate gifts ensures a reliable and well-established promotion for your business. It also helps to maintain a good relationship with both the clients and the employees. It is very important you pay close attention and give all your effort during the gift selection, the choice has to be the right choice. If you end up selecting an inappropriate or bad corporate gift, presents the opposite of the desired result expected. There are many factors to be considered when giving corporate gifts and the choice of gift depend on this and the type of business you are operating. Below are few instructions you can consult when selecting corporate gifts.

The Right Occasion

Without any doubt, it will look awkward if you hand out gifts whenever you like. It is advised that you avoid giving the clients the impression that they have to have to do something special before getting a gift. Gifts should serve as a form of appreciation from your end. In addition, it is advised the hand out gift only of special instances. Instances like holidays, birthdays, annual reviews and other instances that are celebrated.

Be Organized

It is advised that you have a list of your clients in order to keep things organized. If you have many clients, this is the most appropriate way to approach the situation where they all get different gifts. This ensures that no mistake is made or no client is omitted when acquiring the gifts. If you end up omitting a client in the process of handing out gifts, it will definitely not send a good message out the walls of your company if the client is well-esteemed.

Whatever your choice of the corporate gift, it is very important that you plan ahead of time. Offer variety of gifts, avoid giving the same gifts over time. Ensure your choice of a gift will make a memorable impression on your client since corporate were initially to build profitable and lasting business impression.

Offshore Hosting Reviews –Thailand’s Best Offshore Hosting Providers

Offshore Hosting Reviews –Thailand’s Best Offshore Hosting Providers

Before we itemize the best offshore hosting service providers, unlike other offshore hosting reviews on the internet we will shed more light on the term “offshore hosting”. As a result of the diversity of ideas that different people have about this term, disagreement and confusion were raised severally. It is important that we give a full description of this term, that will not only help you understand the term at large but will also cover the essential prerequisites for offshore hosting.

  1. Offshore hosting has to be situated in an offshore site

Many at times when you mention the term “offshore hosting”, people mind drift into space where illustrations of a remote island with no severe regulation are painted in their head. Their imagination of a location will be the opposite of a country like the United States; the location is most definitely going to match a location like the Cayman Islands or Panama.

This idea of an offshore provider is not actually wrong because an offshore hosting provider is considered an offshore hosting provider is he is running his operation from a country with less severe data-related regulations. Inclusions to the perfect country to find an offshore hosting provider running operations include Russia, the Netherlands, Iceland, and Switzerland. This does not necessarily mean that all the hosting providers in these locations are offshore hosting providers. The majority of these companies stick to international data related laws rather than the lenient laws of their home country.

  1. Offshore hosting disregards DMCA

Non- American hosting providers are not subject to American copyright laws. These are only valid and active on the United States soil, there are other hosting service providers around the world that comply with DMCA. In the event where a Swiss hosting service provider complies with DMCA, it will be wrong to regard this provider as an offshore service provider.

  1. Offshore hosting has a broader policy of acceptability

It is not news that offshore hosts permit some contents on their servers that non-offshore hosts find malicious to their servers and their reputation. It is best to contact the customer care or the terms and condition of your offshore host for the items or contents that are allowed on their server. You can also consult some offshore hosting reviews, preferably from your favorite review website or forum on the internet.

How to Select the Best Anonymous Server for a Hotel Website

How to Select the Best Anonymous Server for a Hotel Website

Most times many people feel uncomfortable revealing their information at the mall when requested by the cashier, this information could either be their email address or phone number. There are some situations where you just need your privacy protected, there are also times where you want to surf the internet without publicizing your IP address. To achieve this result, you should contemplate on utilizing an best anonymous server.

In the events of visiting a web page, the website, and computer exchange information while you are enjoying your experience on the web page. There are exceptional identification features in our computer that can send information on location to the website, the internet service provider, the operating system of the computer and much more. All these information are stored ensure that the identification of the computer operator is done with ease. Provision of this information is through the Internet Protocol of your computer.

What is an Anonymous Proxy Server?

There so many situations that you can utilize a proxy, it is specific to your need. Primarily, a proxy is an intermediary, in which a different entity completes a system or an individual need of a service. It returns to the requester and it makes provision for the obtained information. Several business administrators utilize proxies for their meetings when they send someone to represent them at a meeting.

An anonymous server is understood in the internet and computer world as a computer that serves as an intermediary. Instruction on where to go and what to seek is given by your computer system in connection with the system. A proxy can ensure protection for your office network and your computer from malware and viruses. It will scrutinize the information transferred and make provision for the information that is necessary.

Take the Stress Out of International Removals to Thailand

Take the Stress Out of International Removals to Thailand

The process of relocating to a new location can be exciting and at the same be a tedious task for corporate businesses and private individuals. If you will be relocating to a new state, you most definitely should hire the service of a professional in the removals business. This company should be reliable and highly reputable, judging from the feedbacks of clients in the past. It is very important that the company whose service you will be hiring offer international services because most removals company operate within a locality or country. You can hire the services of the professionals at This removals company assist you relocating your belongings properly, saving you the stress not raising your voice at your children or spouse not to shatter your family treasure or a precious glassware.

It is very important that before relocating abroad you understand how tedious it seems than relocating within a state. A professional removal company has the necessary resources, facilities, and skills required to consolidate your personal effects and they will ensure there are no accidents along the removals process. If a reliable, reputable and experienced company handles your relocation, it is guaranteed that you will save yourself the stress of driving a van full of the belongings through bumpy and dusty roads for miles. Many individuals believe they will be saving money if they carry out this task on their own, but they ignore the stress involved.

You will require hiring the services of a removals company like if you will be relocating abroad. They will ensure that their professionals make it a stress-free process, by handling your abroad relocation process. All you have to worry about is getting an address for the belongings to be delivered. In addition, there are removal companies that after delivering your belongings, they assist in rearranging them. On the other hand, many companies that utilize furniture removal techniques that ensure that all your furniture are delivered just the way they were before packing. The areas they specialize in particularly are organizing, packing, unloading, rearranging, moving and labeling.

Buy Views on YouTube for Your Thailand Hotel Videos

Buy Views on YouTube for Your Thailand Hotel Videos

It is essential that you get more viewers to watch your YouTube videos; one of the most common, simplest and fastest ways of getting more views is to buy YouTube views. But, you must understand the reasons behind it or have a little information about the seller. Buying views is a better alternative to the conventional way of promotion of YouTube videos. From our certified research, this particular method makes the promotion of YouTube video very simple and fast. But, it is quite unsafe and dangerous if you don’t tackle the issue in the proper way or when you buy views on YouTube from providers of despicable character.

All we want is to promote our videos to meet the target audience so as to get the right exposure that it needs. In view of this, ensure that you select the proper YouTube promotion company. Continue reading this article to get free valuable information on how you can promote your YouTube videos; get more followers and probably get a great number of people watching your videos at once.

How to Get More Genuine Views

A real way of attracting more viewers to watch your videos is to buy views on YouTube, it is, however, advisable that you use other genuine methods. There are lots of ways that you can use to gain popularity, more interest and most importantly, more views. In this article, you will find some of the most productive, real and simplest ways that you can promote your YouTube videos and start building a strong Subscriber-base.

Improve your Video Rank

Getting views is not only about popular videos, but also the video rank. When searching the internet for related videos, if your videos happen to fall to a high rank, there is every probability of your video getting watched. All you have to do is to use related keywords that will attract more videos to your video for a long period of time unlike your video going viral for few moments. Use the relevant keywords to increase your video rank. Below, you will find a creative and standard guide on how to optimize your video. It is highly advisable that you use this method to gain more views at every moment and it is unrestricted.

Nuvella Anti-Aging Serum – Essential Beauty Regimen for Your Thailand Holiday

Nuvella Anti-Aging Serum – Essential Beauty Regimen for Your Thailand Holiday

There is every possibility that there are other factors causing skin care problems apart from aging. Generally, most women suffer from skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, removal of hair, etc. Unfortunately, most skin care products do not have the capacity of solving all skin problems. You have to search thoroughly for other brands and choose the best out of them that can provide you some relief. When it comes to effectiveness and quality service, a particular skin care brand Nuvella serum is trying its best and this article will introduce you to some important facts about Nuvella Serum.

Nuvella serum is relatively new in the market and is in form of a cream that helps in the regeneration, enrichment, and treatment of the skin. The product contains elements rich in omega-3, which ensure that the skin is in a healthy condition.

This product helps reduce the effect of aging, eczema, sores, spots, and all forms of skin irritations. Also, regular use of this product will increase the hydration level of the skin at an optimal level.

Currently, this product is used by lots of people due to its strength and potency. Different ranges of products are available in the market that will provide you the needed relief.

You will start noticing positive changes when you use the Nuvella serum on a daily basis. This skin care formula gives you the needed change that will bring about a positive total transformation to your skin.

Finally, it is a true fact that Nuvella serum will give you the total relief that you desire. There are varieties of products available that can tackle all forms of skin diseases so that you can get a beautiful, tender and spotless skin. To get one of these products, all you have to do is to visit the brand’s website and order for one.

Benefits of Using Your Hover Board in Bangkok

Benefits of Using Your Hover Board in Bangkok

There are three major means of travel which are through the road, water, and air. People utilize road to cover shorter or medium distances. Vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, etc. are different means of road transportation. With the recent innovations in science, electronic and mechanical engineering, there has been a major breakthrough in the area of transportation; a new transport device popularly known as the hoverboard has been built. Below are the main advantages of hoverboards:

  • Environmental-friendly

No fuel is needed to power the hoverboard. This implies that these vehicles work without generating any carbon discharge. This will definitely reduce the over-reliance on non-renewable fuel resulting in minimal air pollution. Also, the problem of noise pollution is solved because the vehicle produces less noise when compared to others.

  • You can get it at a cheap rate

Not everyone has the capacity to buy a car. The conventional vehicles powered by fuel are costly and you need a lot of cash to buy one. But what about the people who can’t afford to buy one? Won’t they enjoy the benefits of a personal car?  No, they have the right to enjoy the comforts. If you can’t get a personal car, then consider getting a hoverboard.

  • Easy to handle and operate

These vehicles are a simple device. All you need to do is to read the operator manual to have the required knowledge on how to operate the device. All age groups, including kids, can use this hoverboard, so, you are convinced that this hoverboard is durable and not in any way harmful.

  • It is portable

You can easily move this hoverboard around and park them at any place of your choice. You don’t need a large place to keep them. Ensure that their battery is fully charged and keep them at anywhere you wish, on the shelves, or the bedroom.

QuGenix – Age Gracefully While You Holiday in Thailand

QuGenix – Age Gracefully While You Holiday in Thailand

QuGenix RX Anti-Aging skin care cream is a brand new anti-aging formula that will give you positive outcome if used regularly. The formula is made from powerful, pure and nontoxic ingredients which help to remove all forms of dark spots, folds, wrinkles and aging marks. Apart from covering the signs of aging, QuGenix also helps in the production of more collagen and elastin. However, you will definitely achieve significant results in a short time of use. It is an effective option to surgical operation and injections. This anti-aging formula will remove all forms of skin irritations and folds completely.

Apart from this, removal of all forms of skin irritations will help increase your level of confidence and joy. This product made from natural ingredients have been recommended by dermatologist and found to be clinically effective in licensed labs. This product does not contain toxic chemicals, preservatives, fillers or non-natural ingredients that can adversely affect the health. By selecting this all-natural formula, you have taken the bold step of improving your skin condition.

Recommended ways of applying this anti-aging product!

Firstly, wash your face with a non-antiseptic soap or like you are removing the normal dust particles and then rub it with a clean towel to dry it up.

Secondly, ensure that your whole face is completely dry before you apply QuGenix Rx anti-aging skin care. Then, apply a small amount of this cream on the affected places on the skin including the neck region.

Then, you can now leave this cream for a short time to enable it to penetrate into your skin.

Professionals or experienced dermatologist have recommended that you can apply this cream two times in a day. The two preferred periods to apply it are in the morning and at night before sleeping. You can also contact a skin professional before applying the formula.

Tips on How to Hire a Lawyer for Car Accident in Bangkok

Tips on How to Hire a Lawyer for Car Accident in Bangkok

No one is infallible and there might be times when we will experience a car crash. From the minor scratches in the park to terrible ones where someone sustains injuries, this is the area you need the services of a lawyer for car accident and they are readily available to solve them. You have to deal with some issues on your own before you contact the attorney. Below are the few issues to tackles on your own:

Firstly, do not utter a word at the accident scene until you contact a lawyer. Even if you are at fault, there is no need to show too much of regret or remorse because showing weaknesses might implicate you. All you need to do is to share in their pain by showing how sad you are that “it happened” or something else relating to that.

In addition, get all vital information about the accident, the individual or persons involved.  Exchange private data, contact details, insurance license etc.  Ensure that you get all these information if you are not the party responsible for the damage. Also, make sure that you get accurate information from the other party because the person might not be the real owner of the car even if he/she has a valid license plate.

Lastly, ensure that you have witnesses to defend your case if you feel that you are not at fault. But, it is unfortunate that many witnesses are not willing to defend a case due to panic and anxiety, time limitations and other limiting factors. You might have to persuade a witness to help you instead of waiting for them to come out on their own to offer you support.

These are the things you must do on your own before contacting a lawyer for car accident to defend your case. You have to provide your lawyer with more vital information and witnesses so that you will have higher chances of winning the case.

Police scanner review – Ways of Improving Hotel Security

Police scanner review – Ways of Improving Hotel Security

Police scanners device can be valuable in times of crises. Sometimes, having additional information will propel you to make a quick decision on the next step to take, places to go and your expectations. You can still achieve your aim without using one but having one is an invaluable opportunity that you can’t afford to miss if you read through the police scanner review and see for yourself its values and benefits.

With the recent advancement in security, security operatives are able to curb or reduce crime activities successfully. There are numerous modern and advanced devices used generally for this purpose and among them is the police scanner, which is an essential device used to transmit and broadcast information.

A police scanner is also useful for people and groups who wish to get updated information about any crises or emergencies that happen in their locality. Volunteers watch groups are exceptional users of this device. Volunteers safeguard the area by observing and reporting any form of commotions or riots. Having police scanners at this present time has helped to save lives and useful in many important ways. This is one of out of the numerous benefits of using this device.

Hence, it is highly essential to get a quality and standard police scanners and you must at all times avoid choosing an inferior type because of the numerous brands to select from. Apart from selecting based its parts, specifications, and model, there are other essential factors that you have to consider before you decide on buying the best police scanner. Understanding these factors will make you utilize this device in the best possible way. From this police scanner review, you should be able to find the best police scanner that is ideal or work perfectly well for you.

Inflatable Water Slides Reviews: How to Select a Waterslide for Your Bangkok Hotel

Inflatable Water Slides Reviews: How to Select a Waterslide for Your Bangkok Hotel

You will enjoy lots of benefit from Inflatable water slides like business opportunity (for those who want to use it for commercial purpose), entertainment and fun. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you find the inflatable water slides in lots of home. If you plan on buying an inflatable slide for your family, then it is advisable that you read inflatable water slides reviews in addition to this article, which will help you in choosing the proper type.

Above all, ensure that a particular slide is very strong and tough to handle high pressure and you can inquire about this from the main users of this slide. Test all inflatable water slides before using them, so, ask your sellers about the maximum pressure, weight and load that it can handle. You have to inquire about these factors since the slide will be used by a large number of people under variable conditions.

Also, ensure that the water slide has the capacity to functionas different purposes. For instance, you can use this inflatable in the outdoor during the hot season and enjoy the moments with your family, pals, and relatives. It can also be used for a commercial purpose by renting it out for occasions, and parties.

Furthermore, you have to know your slide material compositions and know the types of material that your slide is fabricated from. To get slides of durable materials and eco-friendly, the two best selections is the PVC and tarpaulin slides.

A unique feature of inflatable slides is that it can be easily pulled to pieces and assembled back. Nobody likes a complex installation; therefore, you must be comfortable when using your slide. If you go through the inflatable water slides reviews, you will find out that the best slides should be light in weight and portable so that you can easily move them around.